Today, I awoke to some birds chirping and the normal ‘it’s FRIDAY!’ feeling. Then, realized that today is not any Friday. It’s boat Friday. Today is the day that will forever in my life be known as the first day. All days after, who knows what happiness and sorrows it will all bring. It think that’s pretty much life anyway, as soon as we walk out the door, it happens to us anyway.

I’ve been joking lately that this move is due to my doctor telling me that I need more salt in my diet. Most people do not laugh, which I find even funnier. I enjoy telling Dad jokes, although resent the idea that jokes of this nature can only be told by fathers.

We leave to take the car to the marina, then a taxi, train, and another taxi to the boat. Usually, when I move into a place, I have a truckload of things. For this one, I have to take as little as possible until we bring her down to Seattle. This home already has a life, and a story, she’s got a totally different setup than just being handed a key and walking in.

I have to sail my house home. I don’t know how to sail yet. I’ll be the babe in this scenario, everything will be new and exciting, there will probably be tears. There will also be laughter and learning. I need this in my life. Something that I can tinker with and explore the world with, something to push me.

It won’t be easy, but that’s what I like about it. I’ll come back and read that sentence in 90 days and see how I feel.

Right now, I’m just happy.

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