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Swabbing the deck

On Saturday, we wanted to swab the decks using salt water to kill some of the green on the teak. Shayne had a boat brush in his smaller boat that we are still keeping for me to learn on. It’s not a good idea to practice on the house, really, so we kept the boat he learned on. I walked with the dog down to the pier where the smaller boat is moored with other small boats. Unbuttoned her and went down after getting the dog aboard and settled. She was wondering where Shayne was, perhaps, so whined at the dock until I helped her onto the deck. She then proceeded to whine on the deck as I rummaged around in the boat.

As some gray rain clouds rolled around across the water under a turquoise sky, I walked a few minutes with the dog to the pier where the smaller boat is moored. Irie whined at the dock until I helped her onto the deck. She then proceeded to whine on the deck as I rummaged around in the boat. There are some consistencies in life, the dog losing air pressure is one of them.

Looked all over the boat, to no avail at all but I did find a ton of dog treats in there and a bottle of water that I sipped while searching. I gave Irie a few treats, which helped her air pressure regain a bit. Her concerned eyebrows wiggled at me as I closed up the bag. A long stream of droll quickly formed and tapped on the deck, ‘plink!’ as she blinked at me with questioning eyes. Not finding the giant pole thing on the wee boat, we left. Irie skipped next to me all obedient and amazing, highly focused on the fact that I had taken some treats with me.

Just missing the rain on the walk back to the house, I laid down and ended up napping for about 15 glorious minutes. It was the perfect day to do some deck work in between showers, perhaps but it wasn’t happening. No tools, and now no weather cooperation.

We had three guests on the boat on Saturday before we went to dinner – Monica, Laurel & Liz. Monica actually knows two of our neighbors at the end of the dock. Such a small fun little world.


We went out on the deck Sunday and finally cleaned it. At the local chandlery (marine supply store), we picked up a new boat brush and an amazing bucket with a sieve within it, a grid for brushes with integrated measuring cups, and a lid seat. Entirely too excited about this bucket. We also picked up a telescoping pole. These are also awesome and worth excitement.

We hit up the decks with the sea water and ever so gently scrubbed the teak the opposite of the grain to preserve it, as had been recommended, with a super soft brush on that telescoping pole. We totally missed the chance to sing a sea shanty while we did that. There will be other opportunities. I nerded and enjoyed watching the rivulets of gunk roll through the irrigation channels of the boat and into the water. I noted where the water gathered at all on deck and cleaned out any drainage. It is super fun to have such access to what is essentially the roof of my house and be able to clean it.

Saturday Guests: Monica, Laurel, Liz (4, 5, & 6)







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