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A gamer’s approach to storage

That storage space idea is looking more and more brilliant by the day, now that we are settling in. When I move into a place, I know I tend to shuffle things around a lot to make them work and function with how people live in the space. Sometimes the introduction of just one new item can throw off a closet, a piece of luggage can be tripped over for days. I don’t want to do that here at all. I’d rather only bring in what I need when I need it. There are so many odd angles in drawers and closets in a boat. The best closet math I can manage with any consistency I can think of so far is to roll everything. If I imagine the storages spaces kind of like grids on Civilization V, rolling will fit the most in the curved-back spaces. Granted, I’m still living out of my two piles of clothing. I’ve not gotten to clean out the wardrobe area yet, that’s not been the priority. Hopefully this week. I’m a poster child for merino wool now. I’m trying really hard to not look like I just fell out of an L.L. Bean catalog.

We moved in with a fair amount of hatches reserved for engine parts, oil, cleaners, etc. so space is filling up fast. I’m going to try to have all the storage spaces labeled/named, and an actual inventory of goods in the house in the database with bin # and storage space name so we can find things and be intentional about where things go. We’ve already lost some bilge cleaner so I need to get on that. I haven’t even used the label maker, really. THAT is occupied, for real.


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