Scattered showers

Sometime in the middle of the night, I wondered who had dropped some water on one of the many pillows on the bed. I fell back asleep in the still, in the dark. I awoke to it being light out and noticed that the pillow was pretty well saturated. Too tired to really understand what was going on (or truly, to really care), I took another pillow and put it under the wet one, so the mattress wouldn’t get soaked. Seemed logical. I fell back asleep in the light, to the sounds of rain. Sort of. I didn’t sleep. I lay there, riddled with guilt for not getting up.

I knew what was going on, but ignored it. Pillows dry out. I was so tired. I flailed about in a tantrum-like, guilty sleep.

Finally, around 6am, I started getting really restless, knowing I’d have to eventually get up and deal with the hatch leak. It was mostly on my side, and Shayne was (seemingly) still asleep. I took the soaked body pillow and threw it on the floor, then started to look at the shelf above our heads. It was covered in water, I could just tell. I reached my hand up and felt a puddle.

Cccccrrrraaappp, I said silently, or I thought I did. Out I leapt from bed and brought back the amazing reusable paper towels that you can wring out like a towel. The rip of the fibers across the perforations as I tore them apart sounded alot like the craps I’d just said, so I felt like I didn’t need to verbalize any further as I wiped water.

Shayne is awake at this point and starts to inspect the situation. Coffee is needed for this level of awake, for me anyway, so I go to brew some bean while he takes over mopping shelf above the bed.

In the galley, I get pinged with a cold drop of water on my head from another leak as I fill the kettle and grind beans. With the grinder going, I managed to find ways to catch the water leaks, but not before getting pelted a few more times on my back while setting up the containment plan. Completely awake from the intermittent ceiling shower, the day can now begin. I make a mental note to always have a way to catch leaks, cause it’s a boat. Boats leak. It’s just the way it is.

I still love this boat, even if it wakes me up like this. I don’t know what warped world I’m in where I can awaken like this and be ok, but I’m pretty chill about it. I’ll take it.

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