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At least the boat won’t melt

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything down about the boat. We’ve not gotten as far as we’d like on the basic checklist of things, but summer kinda got in the way and life and junk.

We’ve had a few more people over, I think the most we got in was 5 adults and a child in the pilot house. We’ve met a fair amount of the neighbors but I have to admit I still don’t know hardly any names. I had designs to have a marina map in the nav station that I could slowly fill out names. I’ve yet to do it, so I’m really behind.

Irie has gotten used to most parts of boat life however, she’s terrified of the master cabin toilet. It randomly will start pumping, which seems to her like the sound of a Death Eater hunting souls. She’ll crawl right up next to your face, into your lap and shake. It’s pitiful and sometimes annoying. Sometimes you just can’t quite deal with a 60 lb dog, all bony elbows and face right!here!here!hi! all in your grill. We’ve had many chats but nothing has sunk in with her.

There’s also slightly less terror around the master cabin door. Sometimes when I open the closet I forget to fasten it, so if the boat moves enough, it starts swinging. That is apparently a lot for the dog to handle.

The dog days of summer are upon us this week, it’s supposed to hit 100 today. I’m told it’s supposed to be cooler on the boat than other places, but still a little concerned to see how that shakes out. Seems like no matter where one is, it’s melting temp. Seattle doesn’t do well when it’s this hot. I expect email servers to overheat along with the people, and it’ll be a ripe hot mess. Last time it was this hot, Microsoft’s servers went down, people slept at work (not many have A/C, here), and you could just hear the cranky in people. I expect the same and will just lay low.

I will come out of hiding when it’s a reasonable temperature.

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