Coffee, WTF moment

Unfixable or not trying hard enough

I awoke this morning to a day of nothing to do, since I’m in between contracts and waiting for work to start, it’s a hard way for me to awaken. I like waking with things to do. So, trying to be optimistic, I got up and started to make coffee, and clean up the galley a bit from the mess sitting in the sink that I’d ignored the night before.

I start the kettle going and think that I’ll just do dishes until the water boils, then chill out for a bit. So I start scrubbing away at the wooden plates and bowls. I check the water gauge and note that I’ll want to conserve, looks like we’ll have to fill up again soon.

Scrub, soapy, foamy, warmth for a few minutes takes my mind off of coffee. I glance at the little depressed orange button on the back of the pot, which says to the kettle ‘boil’. I heard nothing yet that sounded like the rumbling of the mechanics working, and it’s been a while.

I start doing what I normally do when something does not work – I turned it off and back on. Probably did that more times than I needed or should have, because I was starting to get sad about coffee. I unplugged it, plugged it back in.

I’ve heard of electronics randomly just not working after a time on boats, due to the salt, harsh environment, etc. I’m not entirely sure if this is the case here, it’s practically new (4 months, 5?). I’m not the biggest fan of this appliance, so seeing it stop working isn’t the worst thing in the world. I have a pot of water boiling on the now-working-stove, so all can be saved. If I didn’t have the stove, I’d probably hop in the car and get coffee, and probably end up finding a kettle at this hour to replace this sad little guy that barely had life.

I still want to figure out why it’s not working. I don’t want to go buy another and have the same thing happen.

I know this mystery will remain just that. Just once I wish the appliances could talk like the Brave Little Toaster. I want to know his story.

Why did you burn out so fast, little kettle? Did I put you with the wrong crowd? Did the grinder put bad thoughts in your head? Did I not give you enough attention? I’m sorry you are broken, I’m not sure how to fix you.

After fixing and making things work in the boat so often, it’s hard to let go when I cannot now fix something.

Should I get all Operation on this poor kettle and crack it open? Should I let it retire to the electronics retirement yard? I think it entirely depends on me finding a project after coffee how this story will end. I’m so glad we have a boat daily stand up and KanBan.

Yes, we are nerds, if you haven’t guessed. This little kettle might end up in the Backlog.

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