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Unfixable or not trying hard enough

I awoke this morning to a day of nothing to do, since I’m in between contracts and waiting for work to start, it’s a hard way for me to awaken. I like waking with things to do. So, trying to be optimistic, I got up and started to make coffee, and clean up the galley a bit from the mess sitting in the sink that I’d ignored the night before.

I start the kettle going and think that I’ll just do dishes until the water boils, then chill out for a bit. So I start scrubbing away at the wooden plates and bowls. I check the water gauge and note that I’ll want to conserve, looks like we’ll have to fill up again soon.

Scrub, soapy, foamy, warmth for a few minutes takes my mind off of coffee. I glance at the little depressed orange button on the back of the pot, which says to the kettle ‘boil’. I heard nothing yet that sounded like the rumbling of the mechanics working, and it’s been a while.

I start doing what I normally do when something does not work – I turned it off and back on. Probably did that more times than I needed or should have, because I was starting to get sad about coffee. I unplugged it, plugged it back in.

I’ve heard of electronics randomly just not working after a time on boats, due to the salt, harsh environment, etc. I’m not entirely sure if this is the case here, it’s practically new (4 months, 5?). I’m not the biggest fan of this appliance, so seeing it stop working isn’t the worst thing in the world. I have a pot of water boiling on the now-working-stove, so all can be saved. If I didn’t have the stove, I’d probably hop in the car and get coffee, and probably end up finding a kettle at this hour to replace this sad little guy that barely had life.

I still want to figure out why it’s not working. I don’t want to go buy another and have the same thing happen.

I know this mystery will remain just that. Just once I wish the appliances could talk like the Brave Little Toaster. I want to know his story.

Why did you burn out so fast, little kettle? Did I put you with the wrong crowd? Did the grinder put bad thoughts in your head? Did I not give you enough attention? I’m sorry you are broken, I’m not sure how to fix you.

After fixing and making things work in the boat so often, it’s hard to let go when I cannot now fix something.

Should I get all Operation on this poor kettle and crack it open? Should I let it retire to the electronics retirement yard? I think it entirely depends on me finding a project after coffee how this story will end. I’m so glad we have a boat daily stand up and KanBan.

Yes, we are nerds, if you haven’t guessed. This little kettle might end up in the Backlog.

Coffee, Maintenance

First Coffee.

I remember the first cup of coffee I ever drank. I was 12 and with a friend in my kitchen. She showed me how she fixed coffee for herself when she drank one with her grandpa, she was 16. She mixed a little bit of coffee with her milk and sugar.

Coffee is the first love of my life. I am the coffee lover that would go get a latte every morning when I was in high school. I’d pull up in my teal Geo Prism and Bob would start making my latte. By the time I’d get to the register and have a bit of a chat, it was ready. People would complain when I’d bring it into the cafeteria before school. I always thoughts their angst and lack of respect for the glorious bean smelled much worse.

I’m passionate about it. I talk about it with people, I keep up with trends. I want to start roasting coffee still and I see no reason why I can’t do that on the boat. I’m not someone that will stab someone if I don’t have it, although I have a coffee mug that would make you think differently.

This morning, I awoke to a drip on my head. I’d been avoiding having my head in that particular spot above the hatch because I noticed this occurrence last night. It started really raining on the windy day and I went around looking for leaks then. There aren’t too many, but some need to be addressed. I think the one that woke me up this morning is first. I’d like to think it’s a matter of cleaning out the seals around the hatches and checking the insulation. Fingers crossed.

I got up and poked around a bit in the tiptoe fashion people do when someone else is sleeping. In my efforts, I made exactly twice as much accidental noise by trying to make twice as much intentional silence.

I noticed water under the coffee grinder and chased the puddle to the window/hatch that originally got messed up when we took her out for the first time. It started under that window somehow, dropped down the wall, and onto the counter. It then rolled 6 inches away under the coffee grinder. Right toward the place next to the counter edge/halfwall that I’d had a fun time cleaning the mold and mildew from a few days before. Still kinda working on it. I’d already calculated that I wanted to replace these ‘window flippy things’. It was the first thing in my Airtable. A search of Google for this has after weeks still come up with nothing, so strange that Google can’t understand taht. Now I want to setup cameras to see these leaks form so I can troubleshoot.

My original intent was to go into the kitchen and make coffee. I’ve heard that tasks sometimes don’t happen like that on a boat. You go to do something and you return with a new project. Don’t lift anything, move anything, or mess with anything unless you want to reveal another thing to add to the list. Or if you must, make sure to document it, prioritize it so you don’t end up the mast detail cleaning with a toothbrush while you have a hole in the hull and are taking on water. Focus on the priorities.

Repeated statement to self: Back away from the toothbrush/thing that will make things pretty not functional and go focus on the priority/functional thing.

So I made coffee. for. the. first. time. I left the lid off the kettle (…) so there was a lot of steam (*&^%) in the galley when I came back down. It gave me a chance to wipe the steam off of the windows with the flippy things. Damn they are dirty. Everything is so dirty.


I put the water into the pre-warmed french press. I couldn’t find a metal one with a window to see when the grounds drop, so I’ll just have to live with timing. Life is so hard.

I continued wiping up the condensation from the windows, then pressed the coffee and poured a gloriously chocolate stream into my anxiouxly awaiting biodegradable disposable cup because we don’t have full-time galleyware yet.

I brought my hand-scalding cup to the pilot house to write this. Now, I’m going to go back down to get a refill, but have to focus so I don’t add to the list.

At least until I finish my coffee(s).

Coffee, Hygiene, WTF moment

Naked holding money

Over the past week, we’ve had a number of adventures that have been mostly fun learning experiences, some kinda terrifying. I’ve not had time to write anything down. This is bad because the point of this was to document so I don’t forget what I did.

I’ve been on the deck in my comfy pants checking and cleaning up lines right before bed, found spots to get comfy while still managing the move in, and cleaning a lot. We don’t have hot water, some of the outlets don’t work. There’s only been snacking going on onboard since we’ve not yet gotten some cookware that will fit on the stove.

There are a lot of wtf moments I have yet to even get into. Every time you look into an area, you find another project. I knew this would happen. I’m ok with it. I’m really glad it’s summer so we have nice weather to prioritize the massive list.

With the house on the market and in ‘show’ order, it’s pretty much a bad idea to breathe in there, much less be there for any length of time. So, we do very quick trips back and forth from the marina to grab what we think we’ll need to survive. It’s amazing what survival can truly mean. It’s actually not much for me, but it would feel more homey if there were a few things I could do.

I’ve been in this boat almost a week full time and JUST TODAY I tried to make coffee. Of course, in my rush at the house to get out before someone magically shows up to view it, I forgot the French Press. This same scenario has happened a lot lately where I’m like “I do not have all the materials I require”.

Lesson: Always check what all you’ll need before starting any project, from disassembly to cleaning.

I went to shower yesterday, my second in a week (I’m working at home a lot lately). I was so excited to be in a shower that had a lot of hooks so I could throw my heap of confusion upon it. I don’t have the shower routine down yet. All of these routines, checking systems, showering outside of the home, all these things help me understand more the resources I use daily and what I really need to have in a living space. I’m thrilled with having to never clean a shower, that’s amazing that someone else can deal with that. The issue with a shared shower is someone else is maintaining it. It sucked when I put in quarter after quarter, minted from 1973 to 2015, all of varying degrees cleanliness and wear, and they all shot back out happily in the change area. There was no good year or shine that worked, no pleading, nothing I could do to get it to work. This is of course well after I’ve laid out all my toiletries, found my fresh clothing, and am stark naked with a handful of quarters and some hope.

I also had to go to a meeting that day, so I tried to just remain calm and figure out my options. I actually went without showering and took a sponge bath in one of the bathrooms at the marina. A very vigorous one. Luckily, I’d gotten up super early like I have since we moved onto the boat. I had plenty of time.

Looking back, standing there naked holding money is pretty much how I feel with the entire boat thing. I’m putting myself out there totally, exposing my fears and thoughts to the world while I learn this life.

Lesson: Make time to engineer a situation. Don’t Panic. Figure out options. Do what you can. Let it go if it doesn’t work out the way you want. Seriously, let it go, Jenn.

Finally, last night Face dropped off the dog. He’d had her for the last two weeks so I could better handle listing the house and moving some things onto the boat. I saw her in the parking lot and she ran up to me, all happy and waggy. She handled the ramp to the dock just fine, which was surprising – it has grating in it where she can see the water and that usually makes her slow to a shaky crawl. She trotted down it like a champ and onto the dock. She also, crazily, made it into the boat and sniffed around with very little dog earthquakes. There was a little trepidation and whining at the 2 sets of 3 stairs (oh! scary!) but she’s getting over it.

She’s now rested on the settee behind me while I type this on the nav station of the pilot house. I hope the weather is nice today so she can sit on the deck.

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