Keeping track of what I’m learning:

Berth– a cabin or place to sleep. We have two, the master berth and the v-berth.

Blackwater – The solid waste from your holding tanks. To be disposed of only in approved ways, highly toxic, smelly and generally bad to be anywhere near.

Breakwater– A place to avoid with your boat. They protect harbors and moorage against weather and waves. Also, a Philadelphia-based funk band from the 1970s, who has had music sampled by Daft Punk. The one at our marina is viewable from the boat. It’s where seagulls and herons yell at each other at 5am, and people in kayaks bump against and rest, bringing more discontent from the birds.

Cockpit – A place from which the boat is steered and controlled. We can also control the boat from inside in the pilot house.

Davit – A davit is a crane-like device that is used for supporting, raising, and lowering small boats/dinghies, anchors, etc. Also, the Gregorian name for David. They can also hold buoys. After learning this, I named our davits Ziggy and Stardust.

Dinghy – A small boat used to go ashore when at anchor, to go fishing, or in case of emergencies. Can be inflatable rubber, metal, or wood. Can be pulled up near or on the boat with the davits. Originated around 1785-95; Bengali diṅgi, Hindi ḍiṅgī, diminutive of ḍiṅgā meaning boat.

Galley – In our case, kitchen. The meaning of galley being “cooking range or cooking room on a ship” dates from 1750 or so. We are slowly getting it into order where we can cook regular meals. It’s been slow going.

Pilot House – Interior area of the boat from which the boat is steered and controlled. Also our entry, mudroom, and place we hang out when projects aren’t being done. It’s the first ‘room’ you arrive when you come aboard.

PO – The previous owner of the boat. Can be the last owner, or ones before.

Salon – The living room of a boat, but we didn’t really use it much until the Pilot House turned into the workshop staging area. Now it’s where we both work from home, eat, play board games, and put together puzzles that are entirely too difficult.

Stainless Steel – What everything should be on the boat that you don’t want to rust. So any screws that hold things together, any brackets. Any metal you want to trust to not degrade, make sure it’s stainless. We haven’t installed anything with stainless steel, but have already found evidence the PO used not stainless steel in places. We had to extract rusty things.