I napped for the first time yesterday since we moved into the boat. I’ve been going so hard with basic cleaning to get it liveable. It’s been tough trying to stay on the highest priorities when there’s dusty cabinets and layouts to be rethought. The last thing I should do is take my eye off of the engine and fuel tanks – they are the biggest task we have to get to while still making the space livable. The fuel tanks have a fair amount of rust under them, and they are setup currently to be near impossible to de-rust and paint. The area to access the bottom of them gives about four inches of space. I fear we’ll have to take them out to really get them inspected and rust free, which means might as well replace them. We’d have to take apart the pilothouse settee and floor to do this, it’s no small task. I’ve wished for Hermoine Granger to come do some magic, either by pulling parts out of her magic bag, or just maintenance by magic. It has yet to occur.

We also need to clean the engine, we have 4 gallons of degreaser waiting to be doused on the old Ford Lehman engine. The engine SME we have, Evgeny (“Ev”), a plucky Russian guy, said exactly: “clean the shit out of it”. It was cute when he said it,┬áthe actual project will be anything but.

I don’t know if there is a word for disgusting and satisfying, but I think that’s what that project will be.