Smoke signals

I was mistaken in my timing is everything post about the issue with our toilet in the master cabin head. Apparently, that toilet has just one holding tank. The other one that we can’t use is the chamber one.

No soldiers are being cut off, they are all just being deposited into an encampment until their weekly deployment to a larger holding facility. The issue we have is that encampment seems to have some air circulation issues. Kind of like a river valley filled with campfires, signs of civilization pop up over peak at times, sending smoke signals to neighbors, or worse, the haze billows over the peak and flattens out and stretches to neighboring river valleys. Our smoke signals are neither shaped like nor smell like a rose. Our boat name is ironic at the moment, to say the least.

We are trying to burn better material in the encampment to keep the smoke down. It’s not like we’ve been throwing tires on the fire, just wood and some paper, but perhaps some nice additions to make the campfire more pleasing. Each day, we’ve been supplying the encampment with a magic mix of enzymes to add to the home fires. We aren’t expecting them to turn purple and tell us the future, we are just trying to keep the environment less hazy.

Seems like the smoke is not rising over the valley right now when the fires burn hottest, but we might still get a puff or two now and then.The signals we are mistakenly sending now are neither legible or polite. We hope the neighboring valley over doesn’t notice as we continue to work to adjust.