Maintenance, WTF moment


This 1200 sq ft house feels like the prairie in here. I think the dog is starting to get antsy at the movement and lack of things. I opened the door this morning to the front and back of the house to let some air flow in. She is now glued to my leg, watching the open doors and shaking. I am thinking it’s the slight sound of the trash truck that she cannot see. Really interested and terrified as to her reaction of living on a boat.

As I’m coughing up dust from yesterday’s superhero efforts to get the garage in more garage order and less bombing state, I’m hoping like hell this dog will like the boat.

Cause it’s a done thing. Mind made, now and the title is being transferred. We leave Friday morning to go get the boat.

A neighbor I’ve never seen before stopped and chatted with me while I was at the tail end of daylight yesterday, and still had about a cup of coffee’s worth of energy to burn. I feel like my OCD or whatever focus you want to call it when I’m in the middle of something makes me a rude person. I had just sprayed off one side of the house with a cleaner that takes five minutes. She was taking like 15. I tried helpful suggestions about the neighborhood to kinda close it down. She kept going into leasing prices and how I should talk Shayne into renting. It seemed in some ways clear that she thought she could afford rent on the place and she could somehow talk me into it all in this conversation. That’s when she spoke of having an issue with seeing things and how her husband had helped her, finally after a few years.

Finally, the conversation ended and I went back to my peaceful moss removal. It got me wondering if this is a terrible decision. Even if it is, there are options. No one ever did anything cool without going and trying, right?