Why Liveaboard?

Living aboard a sailboat seems in akin to saying you have a cousin that’s a unicorn.

Not many people have reacted with a ‘why?’ Most react with something like ‘that is amazing!’ or that they’ve always aspired to do so. I get a few ‘I did that when I was young’, which makes me feel young and optimistic. I got one ‘wtf?’ which was my least favorite reaction.

  1. Learning. I’m doing it to learn more about systems that help me live life, live in a smaller, more intentional space, and do something a bit different.
  2. Wee spaces! Squee! I’ve been fascinated with tiny homes for a long time. There is storage everywhere and everything has to be useful. <3
  3. Nature. I hear ducks when I wake up, swimming near my head. There’s two seagulls that yell each afternoon for a while about what’s up in the neighborhood. I can hear sea lions from my house and see otters swimming from the nearby beach.
  4. Fear. I don’t know much about boats, or sailing. I heard once that you should do something every day that scares you. I’m covered now.
  5. You can what!? All the wicked awesome things I’ve learned that you can do with a boat:
    1. Full understanding of your house. You can lift it out of the water and check the foundation, essentially. You can give boats a total overlook, unlike a house. You can inspect the roof/decks and find issues yourself. This. Is. Amazing.
    2. Customization! You can customize everything on your boat. I can see where it would be a con pretty fast when you want something done. In my head, right now, it’s awesome because I’ve not had to deal with any customized issues yet (although I already know of them).
    3. Organize. You can totally nerd on a boat with organization, because I think it’s essential to survival. It’s like the mothership is calling me home.

There are cons to living aboard. What I give up in a personal shower space or laundry, I get back in nature sounds and not having to clean said spaces (win!). I have to walk more, which will not be as pleasant in the winter, but I’ll make it work.